When Two become One – Managing the Brand Part Two
September 15, 2017

In these two posts, we looked at when a company is acquired how are the brand identities managed from a company and a client perspective. In the first blog, we looked at when the acquired brand takes on the identity of the existing brand.

One slightly unusual scenario is when a firm acquired has been highly proactive with their marketing. Therefore, the brand being acquired is stronger in terms of marketing, credibility and their profile. As a result, the acquired brand is used as the umbrella brand, and have good relationships with their existing clients, meaning that managing the brand change will not pose a threat to their existing business if well communicated.

The final approach uses two well established companies which are respected in different locations which keep their identities separate for the foreseeable future. The interactions come from an operational perspective rather than a branding experience. It is important that there are planned communications with clients to reassure the ethos of business is as usual and to be transparent rather than getting the clients to buy into change.

This is a somewhat unusual approach but starts off with an end goal in sight in terms of how the brand architecture works – either a number of brands, or one brand.

Firms can keep the brands separate but if they do this, they must appreciate the additional overhead required or bring them together. This can be a step by step process but must always have in mind the benefits to the customer with the additional expertise and ensuring the plan is also ok from an FCA point of view.

If you are considering how to manage the brands following on from a firm acquisition it is essential to consider the key factors of strength and reputation of the relative brands which must be remembered. Furthermore, the initial and ongoing communications are key to reassure and demonstrate continuity – especially in an industry where transparency and trust are paramount.  So having a clear thought through end goal as to how the brand (s) will work together and a proactive communication plan will maximise the chances of success.