Systems and Marketing – The Ultimate Fit
November 5, 2017

Marketing is about making the promise. Depending on your business this can be both creative and engaging. Ultimately it is essential that the correct service is provided to your clients. Systems are about delivering on your promises and you need both of these to deliver excellence.

For instance, your firm will have a mission statement or objectives which it aims to achieve in order to keep the promise to your clients. Therefore, marketing assesses the promises which are made and ensures that the systems in place ensure its successful delivery. For instance, if your firm claims to ensure unbeatable service and clear communication, what are the systems you have in place to deliver this? Is your service appropriate for all of your clients and their availability? Are there any other methods that could be used to communicate with clients.

The best marketing comes from the strategy of the organisation and is filtered down into a series of promises and then underpinning those with the necessary systems in place and ensuring they are communicated throughout the team. So, in fact the whole team from front facing advisers, creative agencies and operational staff all play an equally valuable role in making the marketing happen.