Business Mentor – Enterprise Action



Do you have a business idea about which you are passionate but you don't know where to start?

Mischievous Marketing's Director, Hannah Price, is enthusiastic about mentoring up-and-coming entrepreneurs and loves working with them to help turn their vision into a reality. Hannah's skill set is ideally suited to getting a new offering up and running, as she's a highly pragmatic marketer with a strong entrepreneurial background. She'll help you to think creatively and discover the best route for your business, thinking in terms of challenges instead of obstacles. Her role is to motivate you, develop a clear action plan and work alongside you to help catapult your business to success.

A strong resource investigator, Hannah will help you to nurture a similar enquiring mind. Rather than purely providing answers, she'll work with you to develop the ability to find resources and solutions both now and as you become more independent. As your confidence grows you'll feel empowered to take your business forward. From her experience, she's acutely aware that sources of support and assistance are rapidly changing and she'll help you devise strategies to keep on top of this landscape in the long term.

Hannah has experience of working with over 100 participants on business start-up programmes from a vast variety of sectors and backgrounds. Each had a very different agenda so she appreciated the importance of taking time to get to know them and really understand where they wanted to take the business. This continues to be essential so that her recommendations, research and ideas chime with and contribute usefully to the vision of the entrepreneurs she's mentoring.

Hannah's not afraid to challenge aspirations where they seem to be at odds with other key factors. So if you're interested in taking advantage of our business mentoring service, rest assured that Hannah will prove a stickler for keeping you focused on your goals, which can be a challenge when ideas abound. And remember, she loves seeing mentees succeed!

If you are part of the Enterprise Action Programme and would like to work with Hannah please get in touch.