Loving Local Brands
May 15, 2017

Butcher. Baker. Candlestick maker financial adviser? It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but becoming part of your local community of brands could be vital in raising your business or personal profile.

People like local brands. They’re seen as more trustworthy and customers see it as supporting their own communities. A survey by Nielsen into Global Brand-Origin found that nearly 60% of consumers in the UK thought that a brand’s origin was one of the most important factors.

In this post, we will be looking at potential benefits of promoting yourself locally and a few ways in which you can do this.

Let’s Work it Out
By becoming an employer of choice you can improve your organisation’s reputation throughout the local community. Generating positive word-of-mouth is often a cornerstone of many marketing plans, especially for businesses that live or die on referrals and recommendations. However, that hard work can be undone very quickly by negative word-of-mouth from an employee.

Naturally, you’ll be trying to keep your team happy anyway, but you should also look gain extra insight from those within the local community. They may have a better idea of what’s going on and what’s coming up, giving you the edge on potential networking opportunities.

Our (Summer) Fete is in Your Hands
Getting involved with local events, such as Summer Fetes or Winter Balls, is a great way to network with the community. You could either do this as an organisation, with your team working towards organising fundraisers that will benefit the local area. Or get involved as an individual, by chairing committees or making personal donations.

Don’t forget – it’s important to build your personal profile too!

Think big. Spend small.
Many financial advisers we meet with are often looking to pay for big national advertising campaigns. While this may be ideal for some of our clients, the vast majority may be better served by advertising in smaller, more local publications.

If the potential saving of advertising costs doesn’t interest you, then perhaps consider how perspective customers might view your ads. Will consumers be interested in the company they’ve never heard of in a land far, far away? Or will local consumers look at your ads more favourably, as a company they hear about all the time from friends and family?

Room with a view…
Local imagery can be very emotive. One client we work with uses lots of local imagery, as part of a wider brand personality, to great effect. This could include local landmarks, beautiful vistas or even hints towards local industries.

Not only does this use of imagery show your understanding of the local community, but it also forms a bond with your company and the area.