When I grow up I want to be a financial adviser
April 3, 2017

From the individuals we work with, not many set out intending to be a financial adviser. Although it is a rare career choice, some have pursued and even undertaken degrees in it. However, for those who are more “accidental” advisers we feel that your journey into a financial advisory role could in fact help you develop rapport with your clients and peers. In this short post, we consider how to use our career history and interests to build rapport.

Past lives
This refers to using past careers as a conversation point and experiences to connect you with your client. So, to consider your past an advantage, hearing about your past could be of interest to clients when shared appropriately. This could help you build empathy with your client and increase their respect for you in terms of understanding a wider work context.

Other dimensions
Discussing our knowledge and interests are another way to build and develop rapport which ultimately leads to an increase in trust. Whether this is an interest in baking, knowledge of plants, a love of cricket or a Masters in fine arts. Your behaviour when discussing these topics demonstrates passion, and even if it isn’t shared there is something energising and endearing about observing someone’s passion.

Building Rapport
Bringing these interests to the table shows that you understand life outside the financial services bubble. As a result, it will open the conversation, reduce barriers and help you to connect. The benefit is far more than client development; it will also increase your motivation to deliver excellence as you will also be bought into the client relationship!