Celebrating and providing for the generations – Part 1
April 24, 2017

In a world where lotions and potions allegedly have the magical ability to make us look ten years younger, age is just a meaningless number, right? Never mind that wrinkles may equate to wisdom and experience, the adverts try to persuade us that we’ll be happier and more fulfilled if we can cling onto our youthful appearance despite the passage of time.

And yet the passage of time is a fact of life. We do, naturally, mark all those milestones by celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and the blossoming of the family tree with the addition of new generations. What could be more joyous than the ritual of photographing the smiling family grouped around the newborn: siblings, parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents? The prized photo may capture glimpses of shared features and it’s certainly a time to capture a sense of shared roots, literally a snapshot of the family’s history.

As an independent financial adviser, how much do you consider the family unit and the generations within it? The age of the people you advise? Even your own age? The various significant ages, such as those revolving around the new pension freedoms and other investment schemes, will be bread and butter to you, but it’s well worth knowing some facts and figures about the interplay between the generations. It may give you food for thought as to where you might usefully target your efforts if you wish to engender trusting and long-lasting relationships. It’s about building the concept of generational planning into your business proposition.

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