Financial Marketing Insights
A Wealth of Experience
October 26, 2018

In conjunction with the founders of the Wealth Design Group on October 10th, we launched a new company ‘Wealth Design Marketing Limited’.  This is a joint venture between myself and the Wealth Design Group. I have been working on the firm’s marketing since June 2015. The new company will deliver on initiatives both within the […]

Surely there is only one type of loyalty?
October 11, 2018

According to Keller and his Customer-Based Brand Equity model loyalty can be achieved in a number of ways. Here we look at some of these types of loyalty and how they apply to Financial Advisers. Behavioural loyalty This is where clients repeatedly buy from you. Perhaps you have found that clients test the water by securing […]

The value in doing nothing
September 20, 2018

Here at Mischievous Marketing, we’ve been thinking about doing nothing. And by that, we don’t mean thinking about lying on the beach all day doing nothing …although that would be great, what we have actually been thinking about is the value that can be gained from not making changes to a new client’s existing financial […]


Here at Mischievous Marketing we have been doing some thinking. Sounds dangerous? Don’t worry, it’s not! We’ve just been reflecting on what the difference is between those organisations where marketing…well…happens and those where it…err, drags a little. Our experience of working with a variety of financial advisers and accountants, to deliver marketing strategies and campaigns, […]

That Intrapreneurial Magic
August 23, 2018

Intrapreneurs have an entrepreneurial spirit however they focus it within the business to explore new opportunities and are a tremendous asset to the firm they work for.  They may well have an idea for a spin off business with huge potential and they have the drive and tenacity to make it happen.  If they come […]


In last week’s blog we discussed some research undertaken by Intelliflo’s on the most popular marketing media choice for Financial Advisers.  Following on from social media at number one, events come second as a marketing medium of choice for IFAs. On a couple of occasions, we’ve marketed events for clients.  We’ve had success with topic […]

Social Media – What’s your flavour?
August 9, 2018

We were interested to read some research undertaken by Intelliflo which cited the most frequently used marketing strategies by IFAs and number one is social media.  With its accessibility and visibility, we can see why this is an appealing media and the two key ingredients are great contents and regular engagement. Underpinning these you need […]


In the previous article we looked at the awareness and consideration stages of your client’s buying journey and in this article, we look at their decision making both initially and on an ongoing basis.   The Initial Decision The final stage of the client’s journey refers to the decision-making process. They will be interested to […]

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