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As a financial adviser you will understand the importance of being in contact with your clients and ensuring they are kept fully informed about matters relevant to them. However, as you will be aware, a change in legislation means that in order to keep clients informed about matters relating their finances, you will need the […]


In the spirit of Valentines, the blogs from the past few weeks have looked at how to successfully attract and target your matches. Now that we have formed the attraction, this blog will look at how to go about putting yourself out there and increasing your brand awareness and your client base. So you have […]

Secret of Attraction – Targeting your Match
February 3, 2018

In this series of blogs are taking tips from cupid himself and looking at the secrets of attraction. Last week we discussed the factors that will make your clients will fall in love with your firm and therefore the importance of communicating those traits effectively. Now your clients have found out about you, it is […]

Secret of Attraction – Love at First Sight
January 28, 2018

Here at Mischievous Marketing romance is in the air and we are all geared up and getting in the spirit for Valentine’s Day! We know there is nothing more exciting than that feeling of finding your perfect match and everything you were hoping for!  That’s why this mini-series of blogs provides ideas on how to […]

Blog 4: The Key Elements of Personal Branding
January 21, 2018

The previous blogs have looked at establishing and enhancing your personal brand. This blog identifies the key elements required for an effective personal brand for financial advisers. Demonstrate your authenticity Authenticity refers to doing the best for the customer. It is about developing genuine connections rather than being sales or target focused in a meeting. […]

Blog 3: Enhancing your Personal Brand
January 14, 2018

In this series of blogs, we have been looking at personal branding, its importance and how to go about developing your brand. In this blog we are going to look at ways to enhance your personal brand.  Below we have some pointers to help you maximise your personal brand. Be strategic Remember that everything contributes […]

Blog 2: Establishing your personal brand
January 7, 2018

As a financial adviser your identity is a brand within a brand (the firm you work for) and throughout your career you have been developing your own personal brand. As your own personal brand is creates a massive impression, it is important to consider how it is perceived. Our first blog gave the context for […]

Personal Branding
January 1, 2018

Differentiating your financial services firm is becoming increasingly difficult especially with such high levels of regulation so might have previously been a unique selling point is now standard across all advisory firms. Chron reported that differentiation can gain brand loyalty by increasing the customer’s perception of value, for more information click here. Your firm almost […]

MiFID II and GDPR IFA – Client Communications
December 26, 2017

This series of blogs has been looking at the changes to the MiFID II which is coming into effect on 3rd January 2018. We focused initially on the client fee agreement then looked at developing a culture of trust particularly through change and conclude by looking at the role of client communications. For more information, […]

MiFID II– Managing Clients Trust with Changes
December 17, 2017

This series of blogs are looking at the changes resulting in the MiFID II which is coming into effect on 3rd January 2018. For more information on the changes, click here. The last blog introduced the general changes of the MiFID II which will affect financial advisers. We also introduced how marketing can be used […]

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